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If Chipping, Putting, Fairway and Green are just nonsense words for you then you will probably be the golfers companions: this is the page for you. If you know these words, then this is still the page for you.

Because? Simple, we talk about territory, the one touched by NoBordersGolf.
Friuli Venezia Giulia is a small universe where many different traditions blend, the "land of contrasts" par excellence.
Spectacular views range from the Eastern Dolomites, to Carnia, to the Julian Alps, between lakes, valleys and protected areas. From the border with the Veneto to Monfalcone, the coast is lined with lagoons and has long sandy beaches, where various tourist sites, including the renowned Lignano Sabbiadoro, arise. From Monfalcone to Trieste the coast is rocky.

Not only that, in this great variety of landscapes you will find a great cultural heritage, telling a story so complex and full of confluences of different populations.

Slovenia is the greenest European country after Finland: forests cover more than half of its territory (where protected areas account for 6.5%), creating an almost virgin environment in the south-eastern part of Kocevje. The territory of Slovenia, largely mountainous, opens to the center of the valleys of the Drava and Sava rivers and includes three natural regions: the Alpine area, the Carso plateau and an eastern part formed by gentle hills and the expanse of the Pannonian plain . We could not avoid seeing you in such a context, tradition and innovation.

Austria, the hippest country of excellence, enriches the landscape of nations touched by NoBorderGolf. Lake Constance, the Bavarian Alps, Salzburg's Precipices, the Norwegen Alps, the Lower and High Taurus, the Styria's Precipices are just some of the Austrian naturalistic references.
Towards the east, on the border with Slovenia, these mountains have rocks of limestone and form sharper and less woody reliefs, finding a soft morphology in the hills and plains of the Danube Basin.