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As you have understood, if you have been pushed to this point of reading, we are a young, dynamic, motivated company.
Roberto, Paola, Alessandro, Clara e Ilenia
Our enthusiasm is the fuel that makes this dream come true. We come from very different professional experiences, but all with the common denominator of having a relationship with the very privileged people.
Life is born from happy and carefree moments, as we discover something new, whether surrounded by those who love or do what makes us happy.
The engine of this project is just this: living your dreams, every day, together. Beautiful landscapes, sharing, golf, fun, laughter, good food and good wine are the key words of what we thought for you.
This project is always in work, we would like you to have all the possible tips, criticisms and ideas to make this a truly unique experience. Contact us at

In NoBordersGolf, we pass on our passion to find the most special experiences, activities and stays: to give to you or those who love the priceless joy of excitement, relax and experience a full 360 ° experience and even more.

NoBordersGolf is an Italian project, built by people who like to share leisure as well as passion for work. This project was born from the will to combine friendship, fun, quality and, of course, golf!
We have sought, for our team, technical excellence, communication, tourism and receptivity, creating something innovative.
We look forward to living the NoBordersGolf experience!