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Is it possible to play golf in three different regions?
The question that has struck us since the beginning of the NoBordersGolf studio is just that.
The NoBordersGolf fields are located in three regions and the organization will allow players to think only of golf. The fields of the FVG region, more than a few in Carinthia and Slovenia, are, in amplitude, seconds only at the Napa Valley.
Golf is not just a sport, it is also a philosophy of life. In order to practice it you need to have patience, concentration and, above all, know how to give the right attention to every angle of the path you are playing. It is not just a matter of technique, but also of tune with the landscape: nature plays a fundamental role; The slopes and lakes become obstacles and, at the same time, give the camp an unparalleled beauty. We are sure to make you play golf in magnificent places.

Golf is not just a sport, but also a practice of concentration, a tense exercise in search of perfect swing, in a natural setting of peace and relaxation.
The NoBordersGolf project is designed precisely for the fun of golfers and their families, thanks to the organization of the "golf" experience as a vacation, taking charge of the organization of the field, transport, suitcases, travel and, Of course, stays, located among the best restaurants and historic houses of the FVG.
Those who choose to travel with NoBordersGolf want a turnkey trip but thought entirely to fit their needs and needs.
You think about golf, the rest we think of ourselves.